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Do you want to climb the highest mountains in New Mexico and Colorado, and get a view that few people in the world will ever see? This is an adventure that you will never forget! If you're ready to 'Answer the Challenge', let's go on a SUMMIT QUEST.

John Tyree has been preparing and guiding mountain climbers since 2004.

For dates and prices, just pick up the phone and call (972) 998-6281.

Ages 18-70. We'll get you ready - and to the summit

answer the challenge
answer the challenge
answer the challenge

answer the challenge
answer the challenge
answer the challenge

I am a 67 year old grandmother and RN case manager. John Tyree trained me mentally and physically for 4 months preparing me, then guiding me on a 12 and one half hour climb up and safely down the highest mountain in New Mexico - Wheeler Peak 13.161ft. What a fantastic experience. Thank you John for helping me be the best I can be.
...Step by step guidance by John equals the pinnacle of success, a life changing, confidence elevating experience. Breathtaking and priceless, I'll always remember the moment I stood on the summit.
- Betty Edison

This was the most rewarding athletic achievement I have ever experienced.
- Patrick Avenger, college football player about Wheeler Peak

I was so tired I just wanted to quit. I got a look and word of encouragement from John. I then continued on to the summit. It was an awesome accomplishment that I'll never forget.
- Kelly LaCour about Mt Yale, CO 14,196ft

Going for the top is the ultimate challenge. Making the summit is the ultimate experience.
- Sue Clark age 68 - Wheeler Peak and Mt Elbert, CO 14,433ft

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