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I'm a thirty-six year old with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). It developed due to an injury to my hip that was not diagnosed for a year and a half. By the time we were able to get the hip moving again RSD had set in. At the time the pain in my leg was so extreme. I had shooting pain down my leg and the nerves were so sensitive that I couldn't put anything on it, including clothes. My leg would turn blue and totally shut down. A bone scan revealed that osteoporosis had developed...
I talked to Dr. Reed about going to my own gym... He said for me to "go for it." He knew I was really wanting and trying to get back to a normal life. I had been taking protein supplements along with calcium/magnesium and anything else I could find in order to help my body to rebuild. I had a question concerning a form of protein, of which I was not familiar, and asked a trainer at my gym for some information. This was the first time I met John Tyree... We talked about the protein and during the conversation he asked what was wrong. I have to admit I appeared to be nearly crippled when I walked. I briefly explained my situation ... and he said something that was the start of a new way of life for me. He said "one thing you need to remember is that at this point, 90% of your healing is in between your ears".
I left with that ringing in my ears. I don't know if at that time John had any idea of the impact that statement had or how true it really was for me. I thought I had to grab hold of that positive approach, not "what is my pain level" but "WE ARE GOING TO WIN TODAY".
I walk, for the most part, very normal. Just looking at my legs one could never tell that either was ever atrophied. I'm not in a "routine". John is constantly changing things to meet the challenges that continue to arise. I give him so much work and he continually stays ahead, for my benefit.
I'm a firm believer I would not be where I am today if it had not been for the hard work and constant encouragement, even through the tears at times. He constantly reminds me of how much I can do and where I have come from.
- Faith Bilbrey

I started working out with John twice a week about 14 years ago. I worked with him for 5 ½ years before I moved. I took all the knowledge he had taught me and continued to work out on my own at a gym. I was never very strict with my diet so I never lost much weight but I was physically and mentally strong. I could out work many of my friends my age until I had a car accident and my leg was run over by the car. I think being strong helped me to recover faster. Because of my accident I am not able to work out like I once did, but remembering the Body Mind Connection keeps me going. You're never too old or too big to start an exercise program. I am now 63 and I can tell you your body will thank you in those golden years. I wish I could be able to do what I did before my accident but life goes on and I thank John for giving me the dedication he gives to each and everyone of his clients.
- Judy Helms

John Tyree has and continues to help me recover from a life changing automobile accident and major reconstructive foot surgery. In each instance, I was able to return to work much faster than the doctor ever envisioned. My recovery continues and his workouts provide pain relief and allow me to work and carry out everyday activites. His positive mental attitude has helped me break through barriers and recover mentally, physically, and emotionally. John absorbs himself and custom makes each workout to fit each indivdual's need. I can not say enough good things about my training experiences with John Tyree.
- Darlene Plump

I received a brain injury from a car accident in 1989. I have a weak left side. I have been working out with John Tyree over a year. We work out on stationary bikes, treadmills, and other exercise equipment. John pushes you hard, but not too hard. He gets you physically in shape. His positive mental approach helps you want to improve faster. I know I have progressed more with John this past year than I thought I could or would with any other trainer. My accident was 8 years ago and that is many personal trainers and therapists. I highly recommend John Tyree, Personal Trainer to anyone who wants to improve their physical and mental well being.
- Hope Rutledge

I have known John Tyree for over 10 years as a personal trainer and coach. He was my personal trainer and coach at the Duncanville Athletic Club. He has always been professional and at the same time motivating. It was because of his dedication and commitment that I was able to achieve the Texas Power Lifting Title in my age and weight category for the single dead lift. I had no idea that this was achievable, but under his direction, I was able to reach a lifelong goal.
John distinguishes himself by consistently providing exceptional personal training. John is devoted to his career and always strives to reach goals that he not only sets for himself, but for his clients as well. He is always courteous and polite and he has great people skills.
- Margaret Morris

I have always worked out wherever I have lived. So, when I moved to Duncanville several years ago, I joined a local gym. I met John and he got me interested in power lifting. I started working with him, began competitive lifting and have now set state, national, and world records in two weight classes and two age brackets. He has been my trainer, coach, and mentor...
- Sue Clark (age 70)

Tyree's style of training is effective, demanding, and safe; he is able to push the limits of your ability and keep you uninjured. As a former certified personal trainer, in the past I have referred my clients to him and now I still do not hesitate to highly recommend him.
Tyree has been an invaluable resource to my own fitness ventures as well. Through his motivational techniques and training knowledge I have been able to tremendously increase my strength in the three primary lifts used in power lifting. My bench press increased from 225 lbs to 495 lbs, my squat increased from 315 lbs to 650 lbs, and my dead lift increased from 275 lbs to 600 lbs.
Tyree is an important asset to any person seeking to increase their fitness level, from the beginner seeking to fulfill their New Year's Resolutions to the competitor seeking to enhance their skill.
- John De Leon

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